Bleed Blue Cricket world cup 2019 0

// Feel the chill and support the team with blue colour

World Cup is at its full swing and with India’s amazing strike no one can miss to cheer the team and feel the chill of the game. Let’s agree on these fellows, we love Indian cricket team and there is no way we won’t support them.  Why not do this with some ‘blues’ in your wardrobe as well and when we are talking about India, kurtis will go the best. We bring you some stylish kurti options to wear and bleed blue along with the cricket team in this World Cup season.

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A guide to dressing up for a Monsoon Wedding 0

Monsoon might just be the perfect season for pluviophiles to get married. From the sweet scent of the earth to finding warmth in the arms of your loved ones, weddings can’t get any more romantic than this. Ideally monsoon weddings look and sound utopic, except the reality might just be a bit different from the version that you had thought of. Even though monsoon invigorates a sense of optimism, life, and beginning, Weddings are also an affair of clothes. But clothes and monsoon don’t gel well because they mostly get wet. So, your friend is throwing their wedding in the monsoon and you are low-key despising them for their decision? Well, there’s always a solution when you can plan ahead.

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Lock that salwar and rock it with new bottoms 0

We all love kurtis, right? But what to do to make it look different and end the monotony? When buying kurtis online, we don’t realize that making it stylish will become a task and every time you want to slay that sexy kurti of yours, you run out of styling options. Here’s a simple solution to it. Change the bottom. Yes, changing the bottom and pairing your usual kurti with a different style changes the look completely.  Let’s check out some stylish bottoms for ladies kurtis which are trendy and comfortable as well. Give that salwar and legging some rest and try these out…

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Top 5 Summer cool fabrics that let you breath 0

The heat is at its peak and there is no way that you can escape going out, no matter how hot it is outside. The scorching heat, hot winds and sweat make it nearly impossible to breathe. So always carry a bottle of water when going out and drink liquids like buttermilk, coconut water, and nimbu pani to keep yourself hydrated. There is one more thing to remember during summers is to not wear clothes which does not allow air to pass through its fabric.

Here’s a list of fabric that you should be wearing this summer to keep yourself cool

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4 Ways to Improve Your Style With These Dupattas 0

A dupatta or a chunni might seem old fashioned to some people but these days dupattas are much more than just modesty clothes. They are now a style statement and with ladies kurti styled the right way, they are the perfect accessory to add a blend of style and elegance to the outfit. Here are a few dupattas that you must have in your wardrobe to style with kurtis.

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Style guide for choosing Kurti according to your body type 0

When it comes to clothes we usually end up buying the ones we like instead of choosing ones which suits us or our body type. This does not mean that we are limiting the options for you here. Instead, we are just guiding on what will suit you the best. After all, knowing and grooming yourself is also a part of body positivity.

So find your type and style yourself…

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Anarkali Kurti - Style With Attitude  2

Anarkali kurtis are giving attractive looks and comfortable to wear. This season you get many designer Anarkali kurtis which are available in many varieties of color and prints. You can buy this kurtis from online sites globally. Anarkali kurtis were available in different patterns, color, styles, sizes and in all shape embroidery and embellishments which all give you trendy look. Many people love to wear casual kurtis (without embroidery ) which you can find from

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This Summer, Give Your Wardrobe a Traditional Twist with 0

India is a land of continuous joyful celebrations. The moment one festival is over, the other one is waiting right next in the queue! These events bring people together, transforming individuals into a big happy family. However, the pressure of looking good on celebratory days is also high. Besides, who wouldn’t wish to look drop-dead gorgeous at get-togethers and functions? In fact, they are the best platforms to display your haute couture tastes that make you a true fashionista. Indian traditional clothing items are best suited for all occasions and all weather conditions.

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Kurtis Outfit For Every Season 0

It's a go-to for most Indian girls because they're comfortable, versatile, and elegant. Not just young and middle-aged ladies, it has become a staple for females of all age classes. And, unexpectedly, my mom is now competing with me and gloating about in her kurti collection. But, do we understand all the various kinds of kurtis out there and how to design them? Or, the kind that suits your body type the most? No? Don't worry -- you will know it all, soon.

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This summer, beat the heat with stylish Kurtas 0

Janasya is an online platform where one can purchase Kurtas of all styles. With a hot summer approaching, young women all over the country are opting for flowy and comfortable ethnic wear over stiff formal wear.

Janasya makes many styles and variations available to those who enjoy keeping up with trends. Kurtas are also seen as more practical as colleges impose restrictions. Young female students follow trends and choose attractive kurtas while maintaining a sense of fashion.

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Kurtis for everyone 0

How many times have you wondered for a perfect stylish kurti? How many times have you thought of buying a perfect kurti but then could not find a kurta that matches your taste? It happens with most of the girls. They try to find a kurta that is comfortable and stylish but fail in their search. Do not worry. A new store is here to cater to all your kurta needs. Stylish Kurti, plain kurti, Fancy Kurti, casual kurti we have all kinds of Kurtis available with us. You can check our Ladies Kurti/kurta collection at Janasya.

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Kurtis are full of comfort and that can probably be the main reason why women adore wearing Kurtis. Our beautiful Indian women have now found out the most loved way to beat the heat in summers and also look stylish and mesmerising by wearing Kurtis. What is more amazing about buying Kurtis is that we can buy them from the click of a button ; Kurtis Online are the hot buying products for women these days and when you buy them through wholesale Kurtis sellers then the deals are also very attractive.

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Top 5 Online Kurti Stores In India 0

Fashion for women is something that finds no end. Rather it gains new dimensions almost on a daily basis. On one hand where cosmetic products have undergone huge revolution, the apparels have also followed the trend. These days ladies fancy kurti clubbed with accentuating leggings are defining the fashion statement for many modern Indian women.

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Drape Up and Flaunt Your Style Statement with Fashionable Kurtis 4

Kurtis are amongst the most popular style statement of Indian women who loves to dress in the traditional way. Both long kurti and short kurti are equally fashionable. Women, across all ages, love to wear fashionably designed kurtis and team it up with a matching dupatta. For your legs stretchable leggings, palazzos or Patiala suits are ideal to complement the stylish kurti you have worn.

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Janasya’s Stylish Kurtis to Satisfy the Ethnic Quest in You 0

The festive season has arrived and along with the vibe of goodness and celebration around, a wardrobe update is also necessary. In the 21st century, fashion trends change as quickly as seasons. The same goes with the festive season and the traditional fashion that keeps on getting trendier and better each year. Whether it’s Holi, Dussehra, Durga Puja, Karwa Chauth or Diwali, women look for the best traditional outfits to go with these occasions. Getting these outfits into your closet is a very easy task, even if you hate wandering around looking for that perfect look. Just go online, surf a little bit and order anything that fits your budget and suits your style. That’s how easy shopping for Kurtis online is! Now, selecting a beautiful traditional outfit for any festival requires a few options just so you have a chance to decide.

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