Top 5 Summer cool fabrics that let you breath

Top 5 Summer cool fabrics that let you breath

Top 5 Summer cool fabrics that let you breath

The heat is at its peak and there is no way that you can escape going out, no matter how hot it is outside. The scorching heat, hot winds and sweat make it nearly impossible to breathe. So always carry a bottle of water when going out and drink liquids like buttermilk, coconut water, and nimbu pani to keep yourself hydrated. There is one more thing to remember during summers is to not wear clothes which does not allow air to pass through its fabric.

Here’s a list of fabric that you should be wearing this summer to keep yourself cool

1) Cotton
This is the best fabric for any season, specially summers. These are great for tackling the heat and are cheap as well. Cotton soaks up sweat and allows heat to escape and let the body breath. Soft and lightweight, Cotton can be styled in any way you like. Specially in the form of ladies kurti. Since cotton is an easy fabric; they can be adorned into fancy kurti as well, keeping your style intact.

2) Linen
This is another best choice after cotton. This loosely woven and lightweight fabric absorbs sweat and dries quickly. A little stiff when it comes to its nature, it does not stick to skin and keeps you cool and dry. Linen long kurti with or without sleeves is one of the best options to go for in summers.

3) Chambray
Chambray looks like denim and has all the qualities like it but with the only difference that these are super light. It keeps the body cool and dry and also allows air to pass through.

4) Rayon
This fabric contains cotton, wood pulp, and natural synthetic fibers. Very thin in nature, this fabric allows the skin to breathe and does not stick to the body. Rayon is also a good option to bear sultry summers.

5) Blends
Blended fabric is great if you too want the quality of two cooling fabrics together. Blended fabrics are available in cotton, rayon, nylon, polyester, etc. Another benefit of this fabric is that it needs nearly no maintenance.

If you have these fabrics in your wardrobe, pull them out and beat the heat with style and if not, then you can buy kurtis online at Janasya as they have a wide collection of kurtis made from stylish cotton and other fabric that keeps you cool and rocking in summers.

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